Our approach to safety in the workplace

Most people see workplace health and safety as complex, expensive and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. Our approach focuses on what good workplace safety means to your business: a safe and protected workforce, maintaining productivity and services, and keeping costs under control.

Safety, simplified.

We’ll help you take control of your health and safety in a few easy steps:



We work to understand your needs

We start by understanding the health & safety goals of your business to create clear direction from the outset.



We conduct an interactive assessment

A simple safety assessment is completed using the Safe365 platform to create a performance baseline. We create a risk profile for your business to identify areas for improvement.



We develop a targeted action plan

We discuss the outcomes of the assessment with you and develop a targeted action plan to meet your goals.



We help you connect with specialists

We help you to compare and engage external work health and safety specialists who can support your business on its journey to a safer workplace.



We track your progress and improvement

We track and measure your improvement in real-time. Helping you make informed decisions on an easy to use tech platform.


What is a risk profile?

Depending on your industry and your nature of work, your business will have specific risks. What we do is have a close look at what those risks are, what the potential impact is to your business and identify how we can limit them. That forms what we call a ‘Risk Profile’ which becomes the foundation for your action plan and the baseline for industry benchmarking and the starting point for our reporting.

We record this in your Safe365 profile so you can keep an eye on how your business is tracking compared to others in your industry, and you can easily report and update your progress.

Tell me more about my action plan

As part of your initial assessment, we can identify risks that can be reduced through some changes to your safety practices. We call this the ‘Action Plan’ and it allows you to be proactive about your people’s safety at work.

Some of the items in your Action Plan will be changes you can make within the organisation to improve your safety score, but some may need industry expertise and guidance.

Ongoing support from an expert team

It’s one thing to know what’s going wrong with your business. What’s more important is having a team of experts that can provide the road map and help you navigate towards organisational health and safety.

We have a network of safety, governance, insurance and injury management specialists as part of our team. We believe in aligning the right person to your business, to meet your needs, in a timeframe that suits your unique requirements and budget.

Measure the results anywhere, any device.

With Safe365 dashboard functionality, you have 24/7 visibility over your work health and safety position. Allowing you to track, report and make informed decisions in real time. Using the mobile app you can enable your workforce to capture health, safety and well-being data on the go. Focusing on up to 10 critical areas of the business, you'll quickly identify areas you’re doing well in and things you still need to improve. You can create reports at anytime to show how your investment in your safety is tracking.

What is Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Why is it Important?

WHS involves the management of workplace risks to ensure that all employees are safe from harm when going about their jobs. Every state and territory has its own requirements, and is governed by authorities that enforce these rules and regulations.

Underpinning WHS regulations are state based Worker’s Compensation schemes. These schemes ensure that employees needs are met in the event of an injury. All Australian businesses must contribute to these schemes by insuring themselves against liability. Every time an employee makes a claim against your business, your premium increases.

WHS compliance is a legal requirement, but it is also a crucial factor in ensuring the long term prosperity of your business. When policies and procedures are implemented well, they can:

Help you retain staff

Maximise the productivity of your workers

Minimise the amount of time lost to injury and illness

Decrease the cost of your Worker’s Compensation premium.