Risks can be managed.

Over 100,000 serious worker’s compensation claims are filed across Australia each year. This comes with a significant financial cost to businesses and significant personal cost to those that are injured. The average worker’s compensation claim results in 5 weeks’ leave and up to $10,000 compensation, not to mention loss of productivity and knowledge your business will experience when one of your team is out of action. The Risk Co is here to help you minimise risks, protect your people, and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Serious Business

For organisations operating in Australia, there are strict workplace safety compliance requirements that you have to meet; basically, it’s your duty of care to keep your employees safe. In addition to the human costs of getting it wrong, failure to comply with these laws can result in significant financial penalties and even criminal charges. Implementing and improving WHS practices can be daunting. The good news is, we can help you keep your people safe, simply. The Risk Co is founded and run by experts in the field of Workers Compensation and Injury Management.
We provide:
Expert advice that is specific to your business needs
Tech enabled, scalable solutions for workplace safety
Pathways to meeting your mandatory workplace safety requirements
A way to make safety part of your organisational culture

A tailor-made solution for your organisation

The way we engage with you is entirely customisable based on the unique needs and budget of your business. We have a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke enterprise solutions that are available for businesses of all sizes operating in all industries, all over the world.
The Risk Co. for Business
Getting started on your safety journey? Business will set you up with the tools to get moving.
The Risk Co. for Enterprise
Ideal for organisations looking to take their workplace safety to the next level with expert advice.
The Risk Co. for Portfolio
For visibility, large-scale implementation and dedicated support, Portfolio can provide a solution tailored to you.

Which product is right for your business?

Subscription to Safe365 cloud-based safety platformico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml
Set a goal to be compliant, beyond compliant or industry leaderico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml
Build a customised solution to achieve your workplace safety goalico-check-smlico-check-sml
Access to online support through The Risk Co.ico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml
A dedicated The Risk Co. account manager for your businessico-check-smlico-check-sml
Workplace safety maturity self-assessment & interactive profileico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml
Guided workplace safety maturity assessment by The Risk Co.ico-check-smlico-check-sml
Conduct assessments across multiple sites or businessesico-check-smlico-check-sml
Simple Board / Senior Management safety performance reportingico-check-smlico-check-sml
View and assess safety performance across all members / clientsico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml
Access to 300+ tools & templates to improve safetyico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml
Safety performance benchmarking against industry peersico-check-smlico-check-sml
A tailored Safety Action Plan aligned to your goalsico-check-smlico-check-sml
Custom safety reporting using The Risk Co. insights platformico-check-smlico-check-sml
Analytics that link safety investment to cost reductionico-check-smlico-check-sml
Access The Risk Co. network to engage external specialistsico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml
Create tailored scope of works to engage external specialistsico-check-smlico-check-sml
Smartphone app for your employees to better manage safetyico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml
Unlimited reviews of maturity assessment / profileico-check-smlico-check-smlico-check-sml

Create a safer workplace today

Identify and moderate the risks of long term injury and better protect your people at work.