safety, simplified.

Empowering organisations to create safer workplaces through affordable technology solutions.

An innovative new approach to safety

The Risk Co. was born from the need to make it easier for organisations to simply and affordably:


Create safer workplaces.


Meet legislative compliance requirements.


Use safety to grow business, not limit it.

Making safety simple.

Workplace health and safety is a non-negotiable for your organisation, but you don’t have to do it the hard way. The Risk Co. helps you to adopt safety practices as part of your business-as-usual with a solution that gives you:


Safety on demand

Our solution works around your skills, budget and capability.


Tech enabled

Our technology does the heavy lifting for you; no complex paperwork.


Action orientated

We don’t just tell you what needs to be fixed, we also give you an action plan to get things done.


Skills matching

We match the right consultant to the right tasks at the right time.


Big data

We use data to drive good decision making, with the board reports to match.


Cost effective

We do more for less, and can show you your safety spend at work.

The Risk Co. solution for your organisation

The way we engage with you is entirely customisable based on the unique needs and budget of your business. We have a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke enterprise solutions that are available for businesses of all sizes operating in all industries, all over the world.


The Risk Co. for Business

Our entry-level product that provides essential safety support to businesses


The Risk Co. for Enterprise

Our premium product for organisations looking to take safety to the next level.


The Risk Co. for Portfolio

Our portfolio product for groups to manage the performance of third-party businesses.